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How to choose, clean and care for the purest of gemstones.
The word 'diamond' originates from the Ancient Greek word adamas meaning unconquerable, suggesting the eternity of love. But love is not the only reason that diamonds are forever. Unlike most assets, a good-quality stone appreciates in value, regardless of size or design.

How to... Choose a stone
Diamonds are valued according to the four Cs-cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. Round, oval, marquise, baguette, pear, princess, trilliant, emerald or fancy heart's your choice. Proportions (angles and height/width ratios), symmetry (the size and placement of each facet), and polish (how even the surface is) are also important. In white diamonds, colour D, which is colourless, is the most valuable. If you're budget conscious, consider the carat weight. Purchasing a stone at just below half a carat or just under a carat can greatly reduce the cost. The clarity of a diamond is judged by the amount and positions of inclusions (carbon spots or fractures) within the stone, some of which aren't visible to the naked eye. Ask a reputable jeweller to show you a colour and clarity grade chart.



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